About Us

Eight years ago, Jenna began EDNA Restaurant. Through her tireless efforts, she assembled a dedicated staff and incredible community of people in a special little space of her own.

The three of us, Cora, Heather, and Travis, were lucky enough to get to be part of the family she built and have considered Edna Restaurant a second home. For that reason, when the opportunity to continue what Jenna built arose, we leapt at the chance.

To say that this restaurant, the staff, and the community that supports it means the world to us, is an understatement. We are so incredibly grateful to return to Edna as business owners after a year apart – a year where we have watched fellow service staff “ride the waves” with such grace, from dealing with constant uncertainty to continuously adapting at the drop of a hat, they have ultimately shown us how resilient they are, and we can only hope to be worthy of the company we keep.




2053 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS, B3K 3B2

Our Hours

Saturday 10a.m.–2:30p.m., 5–11p.m.
Sunday 10a.m.–2:30p.m., 5–10p.m.
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10p.m.
Wednesday 5–10p.m.
Thursday 5–10p.m.
Friday 5–11p.m.

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